Energizing : The Power of Word of Mouth



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As I have already introduced the importance of energizing in my previous blogs. In this blog, we will examine in-depth concepts of energizing customers or brand image and its connections for earning success.

As we all know that ‘word of mouth’ is a powerful brand amplifier, it’s also an advantageous aggressive strategy for obtaining results without media coverage.Charlene and Josh describe the three reasons for using’ word of mouth’’ as a successful stepping-stone (Li & Bernoff, p. 130).

Firstly, ‘word of mouth’ is a credible source. Customers trust each other from testimonials, recommendations, and opinions.

Secondly, its self- reinforcing, as when comprehending a dialect from one person we don’t lower our critical thinking shield armors. However, when we notice a point of view, address a product or hear brand insight from a renowned personality or more than 5-6 people, we tend to judge or change our perspective.

Thirdly, it’s self-spreading. When a products or service speak for itself, it automatically gains customer interest & attention. Modern social circles provide an environment for sharing ideas, thoughts & criticisms that help in constructing customer retention.

“Marketers used to focus on the 4 P. You probably had them drilled into your head as you pursued your marketing degree. Well, now marketers need to concentrate on the three E’s: Engage, Equip, Empower. If you can master these, you can become the most beloved and talked about product in your category, which will ultimately lead to increased sales” (Whitler, 2014).

Groundswell talks about three basic techniques for connecting with your brand’s enthusiasts (Bernoff & Li, 2011, pg. 134):

Tap into customers’ with rating and reviews.

Since people read the reviews, buy the product/service, and consume it, they are a part of the word of mouth spreading culture which the book ‘Groundswell’ calls energizing the groundswell in a stress-free procedure. There is no prerequisite to set up accounts and maintain profiles pages. “96% of customers use online reviews to help them make purchases” (Bernoff & Li, 2011, pg. 138)

Create a community to energize your customers.

Be sure you know your organizations/business objectives are before hand. The main focus of control should be on analyzing and building customer relations. “Community is about reinforcing positive behaviors, encouraging new customers, and generating referrals.” (Bernoff & Li, 2011, pg.144)

Participate in and energize online communities of your brand enthusiasts.

The technique in which you strengthen customer ties relies on how you energize and want your business relationships to converse. Project strategies and technologies that match the relationships you already have with your client, if you do this skillfully you can get your customers to sell to each other too (Bernoff & Li, 2011, pg. 147).

Whether it’s a communication newsletter, a monthly notice, a reminder card for a once-over, or a holiday greeting postcard, set up a system for reaching out to the customers you already have. Dedicate time to creating and maintaining a database of contact information, including phone, email, and snail mail addresses. Contemplate Samsung, the smartphone manufacturer, has based its entire business model on understanding end-user needs. Its signature mobile phones are a less costly alternative to the iPhone, preserving the latter’s essential features while including some wholly inspired by customer demand, such as a combination keypad/hand writing option particularly suited for the Asian language. And though Samsung sells overwhelmingly through third-party distributors, it is a world-class marketer to its end-users, and today, sells more phones than Apple (Beck, 2013)


Here’s a small video on Word of Mouth Marketing(WOMM) by PhoenixChamber –


Fred Reichheld in his book “ The Ultimate Question” questions the likelihood of you recommending a company product or name to an acquaintance, colleague or someone you know. Fred Reichheld estimates the value of positive promotion by ‘word of mouth’ & addresses different ways of doubling (ROI) return on investment by primarily focusing on energizing customers (Reichheld, 2006).

Your company’s reputation is closely associated with the reliability of your products and service. The more reliable these are, the more likely your business is to have an auspicious reputation.


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