Post Process – The Social Media Strategic Cure.

The question we need to ask is how Groundswell can get more fruitful regarding building online communities?


Are you ready to make a difference in the online social sphere?

Sometimes choosing Social Technology can become a difficult task, and can result to become a Groundswell approach-avoidance syndrome.

To cure this problem groundswell offers a POST Process.

Today several corporations fail to address some key points when tackling with changing customer trends and market calls. To simplify the rationality of choosing the right social, technological process, Groundswell offers POST (People, Objective, Strategy, and Technology, a step-by-step instruction guide to secure a strategy for success.


People – Chapter four of Groundswell states that it’s important to address how our customers will engage based on their demographic records. For example, gives an insight detail on the online demographics such as gamers interactions, 2015 home broadband users, etc.


Sensitive user data like that can help businesses customize their organizational strategies to provide a specialized approach towards communities.

An Objective-leading goal of companies to build awareness or interests should be mapped with customers need accordingly.

PlayStation’s Sony has done an outstanding job by providing an online space for gamers to connect. One of the necessary strength is Sony giving customers a platform for user-generated content creation, which signifies a virtually unlimited capability and scale in user generated content that both retains and adds values to both building awareness and at strengthening touch points of point customer purchases.


Strategy-“Businesses don’t interact. People do” (Bernoff & Li, 2011 page. 70). Groundswell co-relates the prominence of management scheme systems of companies with its audiences. Re-constructing, maintaining and expanding customer relation commands building of a participating community. Harley-Davidson has its exclusive community called Harley Owners Group. It sets an excellent example of creating a connection tunnel for enthusiastic interactive users. HOG is a particular community. Harley-Davidson enthusiasts share more than their loyalty to a brand. For them, it represents a way of life, a culture, and it is one that can be found all over the world (Hong, 2015).


Technology- Technology helps you activate the community of individuals that supports your interests & missions. Choosing the right technology is essential for building intercommunication & Brand synergies.

Richard Millington shares 15 Good Examples of Thriving Online Communities like Mumsnet, Teachers connect, etc.


So are you ready to build long-term social media strengths?





Bernoff, J. & Li, C. (2011). Groundswell Winning in a World Transformed by Social Technologies. Massachusetts, Boston: Forrester Research, Inc.


Hong, P. (2015, Jan 15). 10 Exceptional Examples Of Brand Communities. Retrieved Mar 13, 2016, from



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