Groundswell Listening – Social Media Preparation Class 101

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So, how important is it to monitor our customers??


Social media listening is becoming an important customer intelligence gizmo. There are numerous ways to use social media to gain insight, including monitoring online customer support forums &chats, and using software tools to gather comments from social channels. Social media has transformed the way we market our businesses.

During planning PR campaigns, social media monitoring is essential at several stages, including: market research, competitor analysis, and getting a refined insight into the target audience categories.

Through Social Media Listening we can:

  • Collect Intel on the competition
  • Find Solutions to improve our Business
  • Set new business goals based on customer preferences
  • Avoid brand image downfall

Synchronizing manufacturing, operational and marketing goals to provide greater outputs can be a bit challenging for companies! As social media managers, we need to analyze, and listen to customer needs to achieve our aims. Listening to your audience’s reaction to your latest marketing campaign, product or publication will help you enormously to improve your products or services, as you can better tailor them to the needs expressed. Furthermore, as businesses we can accurately evaluate our advertising campaigns, study hot chat topics, discover market gaps, answer to negative & leverage positive posts.

Launching of newer technologies and growing market drifts makes it difficult to choose the right listening tool. However, some of the trending listening application that can useful for your brand are (Jain, 2010): Google Alerts, Google Trends, Google Insights, Yahoo Sideline,Twilert ,Twazzap, Twittorati, Omgili , Board Tracker, Technorati, Trendrr

To change the power structure of an organization by integrating listening results into the decision-making process, Groundswell suggests the following listening plan (Bernoff & Li, 2011 pg.95 -96):

 Check the Social Technographics profile of your customer – To outlay strategies based on percentile of customer base/classification (critics, conversationalists, etc).

Start small, think big – To effectively utilize funds. Start by monitoring a single brand.

Make sure your listening vendor has dedicated an experienced team to your effort – To put an experience team in charge, which would help you create, and manage the information coming in and out to understand the results.

Choose a senior person to interpret the information and integrate it with other sources -Appointing a dedicated staffer to integrate the insights from listening to create a complete market picture.

Adidas is a renowned multi national sports brand, which holds an innovative corporate environment. It is my dream to assist them in progression, and to be a part of their marketing team. Amongst the top successful companies, Adidas is the one who knows how to engage with customers on different social media platforms.

Twitter: @adidasUS




Adidas examines its customer’s needs and re-designs itself accordingly. Adidas monitors its conversationalists on shoe community websites and live chat forums, where they review and discuss the latest products (Get Human, n.d.).

shoe community.jpg

adidas live chat support.jpg

Adidas has such a strong social media presence and does a great job in promoting the brand through these channels. With over 1.82 million followers, Adidas Originals does a great job in tracking their brand mentions and replying to every tweet that gives opinions or feedback on their Twitter posts or products (Fernando, 2014).



The Adidas Group has been around for 80 years, and this global sportswear brand remains innovative, cutting edge, and cool. That’s because adidas listens. Consumer expectations have changed, and adidas is becoming an omni-channel business where customers can get exactly the shoe they want across all channels and consumer touch points (SAP, n.d.).

adidas group blog.jpg


So, what is your listening strategy?

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