Social Technographic Profiles – Understanding the ‘ Tools to Success’.

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Based on online participation and users interface relationships, our online sphere is divided into a number of different segments. Every person using the Internet contributes in building up online communities. Through creating blogs, posting reviews, watching content videos, writing testimonials, or either sharing pages, and expanding social circle, we somehow add up to the online social sphere. Social Technographic profiles are grounded into distinctive groups, which are formulated on the basis of online engagements and actions.

By studying the different classifications of online publics, companies today are able to understand their demographics more professionally. Marketers, R&D, and human resources can now alter their products & services to consumer behaviours by observing their online portfolios of interests & activities.

Groundswell classifies these Technographic profiles into the following sub categories (Bernoff & Li, 2011 pg. 43):

  • Creators
  • Conversationalists
  • Critics
  • Collectors
  • Joiners
  • Spectators
  • Inactives

The Social Technographic Profile is a great tool for structuring growth strategies, establishing brand recognition, and in creating customer retention.

Chapter 3 of Groundswell demonstrates how enterprises, organizations & firms can use Technographic profiles, and responds with applicable tactics (Bernoff & Li, 2011 pg. 41).

Nate Elliot in Forrester’s Youtube Channel describes Social Technographics in a small video .

In this blog I would be exhibiting an example of how growing charitable & humane organizations of Edmonton, such as HART, can use these social technographic profiles for their institutional advancements.

The Humane Animal Rescue Team (Hart) is a non-profit organization committed in rescuing stray, abandoned, and unwanted dogs from rural area surrounded Edmonton (HART, n.d). In order for HART to gain more volunteers, sponsors, adopters, and foster homes, HART needs to identify its key publics. As it’s a non – profit organization, its audience’s range from 17 – 65 ages, approximate. According to Empowered Forrester Research, Joiners, creators, critics, collectors and Spectators percentile range is highest in Canada for the class age 18 – 24. Whereas, percentile range for Inactive participants is substantially more in class age of 55 and above (Forrester, n.d).

forrester customer

AGE 25 – 34 (Forrester, n.d)

Forrester Research 55 +.jpg

AGE 55 + (Forrester, n.d)

To productively intake this information into higher output, Hart can emphasize on strategizing around the Joiners, critics and Spectators. Joiners are one of the swiftest developing groups in this classification, functioning through social networking sites like Instagram, Facebook, Etc., Joiners can help in spreading HART’s motto. Being lively on social media is vital and can help improve the organization’s position by creating and maintaining a strong profile.HART can stress out their message by putting in creative podcasts, and Vlogs (Video Bogs) for its spectators in online forums, Twitter, and blogging platforms like WordPress. Whereas, HART can generate positive ratings from its critics by coming forward to newer online social podiums like Google Hangouts.

SEO Checking softwares like Site – Analyzer provide information on a website design, performance, and accessibility, which can help improve website quality for the conversationalists.

Douglas Karr in his article 25 Awesome Social Media Tools categorizes 5 types of tools for social media management: Social Listening, Social Conversation, Social Marketing, Social Analytics and Social Influencer.

For example :

social listening

If these tools are used in synergy with the Technographic profiles, associations like HART can achieve tremendous accomplishments.


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