Power that Binds the Global Users – Social Media

Social media communication concept
Kiev, Ukraine – May 20, 2013 – Hand pointing on keyboard with social media logotype collection of well-known social network brand’s placed on keyboard buttons. Include Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google Plus, Instagram and more other logos.

Hello Readers, welcome to my first Social Media & Marketing Blog.

So, why is Social Media the top agenda??

Nowadays, Social Media is the primary link between people, which outs to be the pillar that supports our every day needs. To understand the notion better, we need to consider the fundamentals of social media. Social Media has become an easy setting medium for corporations to penetrate into international arenas, and to extend market reach inexpensively. It acts as a digital engagement strategy when interacting with audiences. Entrepreneurs are now able to attain tons of publicity without exposing themselves to the media. Whereas, we people are able communicate with the click of a button!!

Andreas M. Kaplan & Michael Haenlein in their article classifies Social Media in 6 different categories. (Pg.62)

  • Collaboration projects
  • Blogs
  • Content communities
  • Social networking sites
  • Virtual game worlds
  • Virtual social worlds


social media classification.jpgSource

Social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are the most popular amongst people, which help us to connect and share our values, interests & backgrounds. Services that allow users to share media content such as videos, pictures and music like YouTube, Flickr, etc are great tools for gathering mass attention & recognition. Whereas, popular sites like Twitter are a great tool for Microblogging and broadcasting short updates. Virtual social worlds like Second Life are advancing Technologies, which might also become the crossover of ideas for upcoming younger generations. However, as important it is to understand the social platform, it is also critical to acknowledge the other aspects of the social medium that we use. As mentioned by Li and Bernoff in their book Groundswell, technologies change out rapidly, it is ‘we’ who have to adjust around them and understand that this surge will transform the way we think of social interactions, and hopefully impact the world for the better. (li & Bernoff )


Jamie Turner in his article Top 52 Media Platforms mentions particular channels and applications that we as Tech Savvy individuals need to incorporate in our lives. Personally, I do agree that Social Media is changing rapidly, and as we are going from a realm of simply tweeting about our pets, talking about our lives, to new interactive dimensions; we do need to understand and familiarize ourselves with the future significance of these technologies.

Thank you,

Jatinder Bajwa



Kaplan, A & Haenlein, M. (2010). Users of the world, unite! The challenges and opportunities of Social Media [Online PDF- pages 59-68]. Business Horizons: Kelly School of Business. Retrieved

Li, C., & Bernoff , J. Groundswell. (H. B. Review, Ed.) Forrester Research. LinkedIn. (n.d.). Investors LinkedIn. Retrieved Jan 24, 2016, from LinkedIn: http://investors.linkedin.com/rss.cfm





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